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We hope you are inspired by our selection of UK designs and yarns. .   Please select the country the goods will be shipped too on the 'Your Basket' page and your price will be adjusted accordingly.   This page is dedicated to you, our customers from far and wide who may be thinking of purchasing yarn from us.  Here, for your convenience,  you can find out our International & European shipping rates, conversion tables and other helpful knitting terminologies that you may find helpful.  Our rates are based on Royal Mail postal European & International prices.  

 International Airmail European Airmail
Weight  Price Weight        Price
0g - 49g   £3.50 0g - 49g  £2.47 
50g - 499g   £8.00 50g - 99g  £4.10 
500g - 999g   £14.00 100g - 499g      £5.20
1kg - 1.49kg   £19.50 500g - 999kg £8.00
1.5kg - 1.99kg   £25.00 1kg - 1.49kg  £11.00
2kg - 2.99kg   £36.00 1.5kg - 2.99kg  £13.85
3kg - 3.99kg   £47.00 3kg - 3.99kg  £19.50
4kg- 4.995kg   £50.00 4kg - 5.99kg  £30.00
5kg - 6.99kg   £60.00  Above 6kg please ask for quote
7kg - 9.99kg   £90.00
10kg - 12kg    £120.00
Above 12kg  please ask for quote

Please Note: there is a maximum weight of 2kg per parcel so when ordering weights of more than 2kg your order will arrive in more than one package.  


Please note that items purchased outside of Great Britain may be due to  Customs Charges  on delivery.  These are the responsibility of the buyer and not  the seller.  Please take this into account when purchasing